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We work with dog owners, to help them understand and train their dogs







( in an enclosed area )

One to One sessions can be booked




Dog agility is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK. Dog and handler work together to complete a series of obstacles such as jumps, tyre, see-saw, weave poles and A-frame in the fastest time possible.


Agility training is great fun. Control is the essence of good agility and most people find that their relationship with their dog improves as does the dogs behaviour.


Most dogs were originally bred to  work. Although our pet dogs now live in a domestic environment almost all dogs still have a need to work in some way. Agility provides both a physical and mental stimulant.


Almost anybody and any dog can do agility in some form.

Our agility training classes are  for fun and for all dogs and owners.

Fun Agility is open to all, it is exactly what it say's FUN. Most of the equipment can used by most of the dogs, young and our older companions. We will give advice and be there to help you and your dog to have fun. It's a fun way to bond with your dog and to teach control for handler and dog!


For more information please contact us on: 07850 847517


Full competition information can be downloaded from the Kennel Club website


Fun Agility





Fun Agility

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