One to One Dog Training


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Tel: 07850847517

We work with dog owners, to help them understand and train their dogs

 One to One Events    2020

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Scent Work

Teach your dog a New Skill

Fun for all dogs


For Information: 07850 847517







Tracking and Scent Training



Would you like to have some fun with your dog and get it to use its natural ability. Come and have a go at tracking or teach your dog to search giving a passive indication. Dogs love this type of work and can be taught for fun or to be able to compete in various disciplines.


Call: 07850 847517


(Due to the poor weather we hope to restart in March)








Scent work Classes


Dates TBA





Scentwork UK

Puppy Packages

for 2020


These packages are for five lesson's which can be done at your home and local area where you will be exercising your new family  edtion. These can be weekly or worked on over a short period.


For more infomation please call

07850 847517