One to One Dog Training


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Tel: 07850847517

We work with dog owners, to help them understand and train their dogs

One-to-one training sessions usually last 1 hour, and can be at our facilities, or we can come to you. Sometimes the choice of venue will be a matter of convenience, other times it may be relevant to the training that is required.

Whatever the issue that is being addressed, the method that best suits both owner and dog is determined, practised,  and a plan for future work is provided.


Invariably the training is very much about the owner as well as the dog.  The handler will be shown different ways to motivate the dog and the importance of timing for both reward and correction.


Sometimes after a few individual sessions - sometimes just one! - it may be beneficial for the handler and dog to join a class environment.


Often a One to One with a new puppy  wil give a great foundation for any follow on training - give us a call for information.

One to one dog training

One to One Dog Training

Tel: 07850 847517

One to One Individual Training

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