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Working Trials


Have you wondered what working trials are, and would like to find out more about them.? Let us show you and your dog an insight into Working Trials. There is a mixture of Agility; Obedience and Scent work.


Regardless of breed, most dogs are able to take part whether it be for competiton or to give you and your dog some thing extra to do.


It is great fun and is held outside regardless of weather. You'll find it a great way of bonding with your dog!


Give us a call and find out more about Working Trials!


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Dab Tracking

Sue & Dab Tracking


When you are tracking it can feel a lonely place in the middle of a field. Its just you and your four legged companion, you have to learn to trust and understand your dog to enable you to succeed! When you get that bond between you and your dog it is a great feeling of achievement, to be able to follow the track! Tracks in competition could be three hours old before you and your dog can work them.



walking a first tracking leg Security dog retrieve _ARJ7587a



Working Trials can be a great way of getting the best out of your dog. It incorporates agility/obedience/scent exercises. It does not have to be for competition and most breeds can be included.


Tracking enables the dog to use its natural scenting ability, which will help to stimulate the dog and at the same time keeping the handler and dog fit!


Full competition information can be downloaded from the Kennel Club website

Retrieve a dumbell

Dave tracking with Elba


Dexter the Spaniel tracking ...


Bruce  & Alun

Clear Jump